vendredi 18 janvier 2013

Mon essentiel de grand froid : Jeanne-Aurore

Voici mon arme secrète pour faire face aux températures glaciales qui se sont emparées de Paris depuis quelques jours. Je les adore car elles sont inspirées des iconiques desert boots, un de ces "standards" que j'affectionne tout particulièrement. Mais contrairement au modèle original de Clarks, plutôt destiné aux beaux jours (et tellement bien porté par Steve McQueen), ces souliers-ci sont fourrés de laine de mouton (et made in Switzerland). Impossible d'avoir froid aux pieds. 

It's freezing here in Paris. Thank God for my Clarks inspired, made in Switzerland furry desert boots that do an amazing job at keeping my feet toasty. It's a nice thing when a standard gets reworked in a good way.


4 commentaires:

  1. oh wow - these are perfect! can I ask what brand they are? I've been searching for some perfect fur lined desert boots for ages and haven't found anything nearly as nice as this... :) x

  2. Fen, they are from Bally. Clarks did a similar version this season but I cannot vouch for the quality.

    1. I actually have some of the Clarks ones but they TEAR my feet up they are so so uncomfortable! I should have read more reviews before buying them, because everyone seems to be saying the same thing... I will definitely check out Bally, thank you so much :)

    2. Sorry to hear that the Clarks did not live up to your expectations. Goes to show that iconic brands do need to work on their classics- looks are not enough. I got the Bally last year, wore them again and again (in the snow, in the rain) and they have not moved and are very comfy. I think they reissued them this year.